As two qualified nail technicians, we found it hard to find luxury and “trending” nail products and supplies within Australia.

We were spending too much time and money importing all of our products and supplies from overseas, and we knew if we were both struggling with this, there was no doubt there were would be other nail technicians within Australia facing this problem.

We decided enough was enough. 

We were going to bring everything we ever needed and wanted straight to our front door.

We were going to bring nail luxury and convenience to Australia. 

A chance for not only qualified nail technicians but for all people who love creating nail art to be able to try the products and supplies we struggled so hard to find, without the inconvenience of conversion rates and huge shipping price tags.

Ooh La La Nail Supplies, our own dedicated Nail Supplies Company was then founded in November 2019 by Hannah and Janice.

In just over 16 months we couldn’t believe how big our company had become. We realized how huge the demand had been for the products and supplies we were supplying. 

We’ve teamed up with high-quality companies, worked endless days, sleepless nights, and every spare moment of our time to create something that was missing in Australia. 

We’re finally here, and we’re only growing bigger and better every day. 

We’re still just a two-woman show with a dream in our hearts, personally handwriting something for each and every order we send off.

We couldn’t have ever dreamed of doing this without every single one of you supporting us. The support and love we have received from all of you will forever hold a special place in our hearts. 

Luxury is a choice, and we will forever be thankful that you chose us.

With love,

Hannah and Janice