La Luxe Pro - Silicon Practice Hand

$95.00 $115.00
Our silicon hands are made from CRUELTY FREE liquid silicone, and the internal bracket is made of alloy material.
Our hands are environmentally friendly and has undergone strict quality inspection.
- Suction grip so you can suction your hand anywhere.
- Your Option to purchase Left Hand or Right Hand.
- Completely Posable.
- Realistic features to ensure you capture amazing pictures of your nail art.
- Nail insertion is 10mm to enable hardly any tip movement while filing / doing nail art on tips. 
- Each hand comes with a small bag of nail tips to help start your art.

If you’re having trouble keeping your nail tip still, you may use acrylic tip glue. 
Using any other type of glue may damage silicon hand so it’s best to stick to acrylic nail tip glue.
Only use detergent or shower gel and warm water to clean the Silicon hand if stained. 
Apply talcum power evenly on the Mannequin after dried.